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Guilt free palm oilOrganic palm oil is supplied by a member and sponsor of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil a world-wide organisation of palm growers, refiners and importers who are committed to sustainability. Our palm oil comes from Colombia, so there is absolutely no infringement on the South East Asian orangutans' habitat. click here


I have a baby with eczema or similar skin condition, should I use baby balm?
The naming of this product can make it more confusing but for all serious condition our Skin balm is recommended. To check the right balm for the you please use our product picker here.

What are the ingredients in your balms?
In our Pot of Gold skin balm and Pot of Gold baby balm we use what we call "responsibly active" ingredients. This means that we will not use an ingredient if we feel that it may harm a person (excluding those allergic to our ingredients) now or in the future. Instead, we use only truly active ingredients that can assist a person's healing without risking their health in any way. Our skin balm and baby balm use only the following ingredients: organic guilt free Colombian palm oil, pine tree rosin, raw organic beeswax, grapefruit skin oil and vanilla essential oil in baby balm only.

Is that really all, don't you have any hidden ingredients?
No, that's it. Nice and simple.

Are Pot of Gold balms safe for use during pregnancy?
Besides and allergy to the ingredients listed above our balms are totally safe for use during pregnancy and on your baby. If you still have concerns note down our ingredients and consult your health care professional for advice.

Why has my skin balm developed a white surface?
This is usually because the balm has been left with the lid off for a long period of time or has been exposed to fast changing temperatures and sunlight. In these situations the balm on the surface can undergo what is called natural oxidisation. This is a natural process and will not affect the quality or healing ability of the balm. This whiter layer will easily warm in your hands and can be applied as usual. In some cases this whiteness may also be caused by a natural beeswax process called "wax bloom".

What is wax bloom?
This is a powdery appearance which naturally forms on the surface of most beeswax after a period of time. The time it takes to appear depends on the storage conditions. Because Pot of Gold skin balm has a high percentage of beeswax, this same bloom may occur on the balm's surface. This in no way affects the quality or healing properties of the balm and will only occur on the surface layer.

Where did your skin balm come from?
Our skin balm has been shared and used within our New Zealand family for five generations. Originally made by my grandfather's grandmother, the balm was used to treat almost any skin condition. We felt that, as eczema and other skin conditions have become so disturbingly common, it was time to share this important gift with the world.

Where do you ship online orders from?
All orders are shipped from our home base in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is your balm safe to use on everyone?
With special consideration given to people with allergies to the ingredients list above who may see a contact allergy, our balm is totally safe to use on anyone of any age. For more than 100 years this balm has been used on every member of our family. Now that's a long testing period! If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients above you may see a reaction to our balms over a period of 24 to 96 hours and it is not recommended that you use them. To read more about contact allergies click here

Can Pot of Gold skin balm be used on open wounds?
The short answer is yes. Our skin balm has been used by our family for open wound treatment for five generations. Historically the skin balm was used for all wounds from small grazes to large open wounds requiring stitches which could often be avoided by the use of a compression bandage and daily application of the skin balm.

Is your balm safe for people with a peanut allergy?
Some people may be concerned with the palm oil used in our balm. Palm fruit oil is not part of the nut family and will not cause any allergic reactions for these people.

Is your balm safe for people with a bee venom, pollen or propolis allergy?
Because Pot of Gold uses beeswax in our balm, there is the inherent possibility that there may be trace levels of bee venom or bee pollen left in the wax. These levels are very small and for most people with these allergies no reaction will occur. If you have a sever allergy to bee products then we recommend that you do not use our products.

What other allergies may involve the use of your balm?
The only other ingredient with allergic potential in our balms is the coniferous tree sap. This is also known as tree rosin or colophony. This ingredient is the sap or sticky substance that comes from pine and spruce trees. Its "stickiness" lends itself to being used in a wide range of products including skin care. This substance is also used in sticking plasters so if you have a known allergy to these or anything else on the page linked here then avoid use. To read more about this contact allergy click here

How can I check if someone is allergic to your balm?
A contact test is the best way to see if someone with a possible allergy to the ingredients in our balm is in fact allergic. To do this, apply a finger print sized amount of our balm to the inside elbow pit of the person concerned (if this area is fatigued by eczema or a similar condition then use either the other elbow pit or knee pit that is clear and healthy). A reaction may take 48 to 96 hours to present itself. If by then no visual effects can be seen then the balm is safe to use. If at a later date an area being treated with Pot of Gold begins to appear inflamed or raised, discontinue use.

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